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Research Tip: ‘Exact Phrase’ Searches


Ever been frustrated when you use a library database or an Internet search engine, and your results list features a lot of irrelevant results? Here’s a quick tip for increasing the relevance of your search results: If you are searching for a string of words and you want them to appear together, put quotation marks around them. For example: “time management” or “intellectual property law.” In almost all databases or search engines, when you put quotation marks around search terms, you are conducting what’s called an Exact Phrase search. That means your results will only include, for example, “time” and “management” right next to each other, rather than including results which feature those words but have them located in different sections of the text.

Using an Exact Phrase search will increase the relevance of your results; however, note that it will also reduce your number of results. So a good strategy might be to try searching both ways: “intellectual property law” and intellectual property law. Doing this will allow you to see some results that may not have come up during the Exact Phrase search.

Try to avoid searching for long phrases or strings of terms together, like: “intellectual property law in the United States.” It would probably be extremely rare for an article or e-book page to feature such a long string of words in that exact same order. If you want to search for results on that topic, a good way to do so would be to search for: “intellectual property law” United States. Leaving United States outside of the quotation marks ensures that those words will be searched under a basic Keyword Search, where the words are found anywhere in the document.

As with online searching in general, if at first it doesn’t succeed, try to change up your search terms altogether, or eventually you may need to try a different database.

If you have any questions about searching our databases or anything else related to your research or class assignments, please feel free to contact the EU librarians!

EU Orlando April On-Campus Workshops

Attention Students! Join Sara in the library for these exciting library workshops!

Wednesday, April 10th at 5:00pm

Beginning Construction Research

This workshop for construction students will focus on finding both reference and research resources using the EU library databases.

Thursday, April 11th at 1:00pm

Statistics: How to Find Them, Use Them, and Cite Them Properly

Have you ever wanted some numbers to back up your research, but wasn’t sure where to find accurate statistics? Do you have statistics but aren’t sure where to cite them? Come to this workshop to find some of the best resources for locating accurate and up to date statistics and how to properly use them and cite them in your research papers.

Thursday, April 18th at 5:00pm

APA Style

Please bring an electronic copy of your paper to this workshop, which will show you how to properly style your paper and format your references using APA.

Sign Up for All Workshops in the Library!

EU Orlando- March On Campus Workshops

EU Orlando Students: Join Sara in the library for these exciting March workshops!

Saturday, March 9th 1:00pm

Business Research Skills

This workshop for business students will focus on finding both reference and research resources using the EU library databases.

Tuesday, March 12th 1:00pm

Blogging 101

Have you ever wanted to have your own blog but didn’t know where to start? This workshop with Sara will focus on choosing a blog theme, name, and getting started on your first posts!

Monday, March 18th 5:00pm

Book & Reading Clubs

Come to this workshop to learn more about opportunities to connect with other readers in person or online!

Tuesday, March 26th 1:00pm

APA Style

Please bring an electronic copy of your paper to this workshop, which will show you how to properly style your paper and format your references using APA.

Also, this month, in correlation with the Student Services Department’s Leadership Distinction Program, the library will offer three workshops on using LinkedIn.

Tuesday, March 19th 1:00pm

Tuesday, March 19th 5:00pm

Wednesday, March 20th 5:00pm

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African American History Month: Bessie Coleman

African American History Month grew out of Negro History Week, which was established in February 1926 by African-American historian Carter G. Woodson. Woodson was the founder of the Association for the Study of African-American Life and History. The original history week was in February to include both Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln’s Birthdays. In 1976, the Nation’s Bicentennial, the celebration was extended to be a month-long. For more information on Black History Month visit  

Bessie Coleman

The First African-American Female Pilot

Personalities AE  96

Born on Jan. 26, 1892, Bessie Coleman grew up in rural east Texas, one of 13 children in a family whose parents were both illiterate. Despite suffering many hardships as a child, she excelled in math and completed all grades. Coleman left Texas when she turned 18 and enrolled in the Oklahoma Colored Agricultural and Normal University in Langston. After a semester, she decided to head to Chicago, where she moved in with a brother and fell in love with flying. Although she was rejected from every U.S. flight school she applied to, who discriminated against her as both a woman and African-American, Coleman refused to let the setbacks stop her.

With support from Chicago locals, Coleman headed to Paris in late 1920. On June 15, 1921, Coleman became the first African-American woman in the world to earn an aviation pilot’s license, graduating from the famed Federation Aeronautique Internationale. In fact, she was the first American to be awarded this type of license, which permitted her to fly anywhere in the world.

When she returned to the U.S., Coleman utilized barnstorming to gain a foothold in the aviation world. In 1922, she appeared in her first American airshow, an event honoring veterans of the all black 369th Infantry Regiment of World War I. The show billed Coleman as “the world’s greatest woman flier,” and featured aerial displays by some of America’s top pilots.

Tragically, Bessie Coleman’s life was cut short on April 30, 1926, in Jacksonville, FL, where she was thrown from her plane as she was preparing for an event the next day. Though her dream of starting her own flight school wasn’t realized during her brief lifetime, she did inspire countless others to pursue their dreams of flying, opening the field up for both women and African Americans.


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Five Awesome Tips for a Better PowerPoint Presentation

Hello students!

Do you need a visual aid for a class presentation? A PowerPoint presentation can be a great way to showcase your research. Below are some tips for making your presentation stand out from the crowd!

  1. Keep any text short and simple. You don’t need to write your everything you’re going to say on your slide- in fact, it’s better if you don’t! You want your audience paying attention to what you’re saying, not reading your slides. Any text should be succinct and serve as a memory jogger.
  2. Ditch the white background. You don’t want a super busy background, but a little cohesive color throughout your slides can make your pictures and text pop! Plus boring old white can be hard on the eyes.
  3. Sometimes the most effective slides are just pictures. A few slides of nothing but pictures can be extremely effective to illustrate a point you’re making during your presentation.
  4. Use multimedia- you can embed videos or audio files and set them to play automatically. Consider using short video or audio files to help illustrate some of your main points. For tips on how to embed them, click here: Microsoft Office Help- Embed In or Link to a Video From Your Presentation
  5. Practice, practice, practice. The best PowerPoint in the world won’t help you if you aren’t prepared to present. Decide what you’ll discuss ahead of time and then practice with your presentation. Pay attention to the overall time and the pacing. Consider asking a classmate to watch you and point out anything that needs clarification.

Questions? Ask your librarians!


If you’re an EU Orlando campus student, you can learn more ways to make an awesome PowerPoint presentation at one of our library workshops:

January 17th at 1:00pm (Sign Up in the Library!)

Finding Information on the Web: Internet Public Library or ipl2

Obviously for scholarly research, it’s best if you use the EU library databases. But, not everything on the web is junk! While we have a whole bunch of web sources that are related to your classes (access the links for those up in the top right under “Resources”), what about when you need information that isn’t for school?

AAL logo

One great place to check is with your local public librarian. Did you know that they’re available via Ask-a-Librarian as well? Follow this link: and then click “Choose Local Library” to chat with a librarian in your area.

ipl2 logo

Another excellent place to check is the Internet Public Library or ipl2 at ipl2 is a public service organization and a learning/teaching environment. Thousands of students and volunteer library and information science professionals are responsible for answering reference questions for the Ask an ipl2 Librarian service and for designing, building, creating and maintaining the ipl2’s collections. The ipl2’s collections cover a broad range of topics from sociology to first aid.

You can search their resources by subject or do a simple search of their whole site. ipl2 is especially helpful when you’re searching for information with your children. They have special sections just for kids and teens and both are very user friendly. You can also ask an ipl2 librarian questions via a live chat or e-mail.

Questions? Contact your librarians!

Now Available: SmarThinking Online Tutoring

Attention Students!

Are you having trouble in your algebra class? Could you use some extra help writing your papers? Do you need some one on one help outside of class?

We have a new online tutoring service available for students at all of our campuses! SmarThinking provides students online tutoring that is simple, fast and always available. Students connect to live educators from any computer that has Internet access, with no special software installation or equipment required. Tutors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week enabling students to get the help they need when they need it.

To use SmarThinking:

Click Log in at:

Username: EUOrlandoStudent

Password: Everglades


Please follow the instructions provided and re-test your system.

Create your own Username and Password and click Continue. You MUST use your EU Email or your account will not be created.