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March Database Spotlight: AWIN

spot light  Database Spotlight: AWIN



Have you been assigned to research a topic about the aviation industry? You might be able to find some helpful information from company websites,, and other publicly accessible online sources. But if you want to take your research to new levels, consider searching about your topic on this week’s spotlight database, the Everglades University library’s Aviation Week Intelligence Network (AWIN)!

You might be familiar with the Aviation Week name if you’ve been to, or if you’ve read an issue of Aviation Week and Space Technology. The same company created AWIN, a multi-faceted database that provides electronic access to various industry-related information, including many thousands of articles from publications such as AW&ST, Aviation Daily, Defense Technology International, and more.

In addition to searching for articles, through AWIN’s unique World Aerospace Database you can find comprehensive information about program suppliers, organizations, personnel, and products and services. AWIN also provides the ability to collect Fleet Data regarding business, commercial and military fleets. Additionally, if you’re a student in EU’s Aviation Management degree program, you will find the Forecasts section helpful if you are trying to project future trends in segments of the industry related to your interests.

Icons for printing, exporting and saving information from AWIN appear at the top of the page when viewing a result:

awin1              awin2

When you click ‘Add to MyAWIN,’ you will be prompted to create a personal AWIN account (NOTE: This account is not affiliated with EU). With this personal account, you will be able to save articles to the database so that you can view them again later. Alternatively, if you prefer to save the article to your computer, click ‘Print this Article,’ then right-click, ‘Select All,’ and copy and paste the text into a new Word document.

AWIN is accessible in the left-hand column of the blue box on the main library page, which is found at  The AWIN link is listed under the ‘Everglades University Databases’ heading:


If you have any questions about AWIN, related research, or anything at all, please feel free to contact your campus librarian.

Best of luck to everyone for a successful and productive Winter C class term!

Research Tip: ‘Exact Phrase’ Searches


Ever been frustrated when you use a library database or an Internet search engine, and your results list features a lot of irrelevant results? Here’s a quick tip for increasing the relevance of your search results: If you are searching for a string of words and you want them to appear together, put quotation marks around them. For example: “time management” or “intellectual property law.” In almost all databases or search engines, when you put quotation marks around search terms, you are conducting what’s called an Exact Phrase search. That means your results will only include, for example, “time” and “management” right next to each other, rather than including results which feature those words but have them located in different sections of the text.

Using an Exact Phrase search will increase the relevance of your results; however, note that it will also reduce your number of results. So a good strategy might be to try searching both ways: “intellectual property law” and intellectual property law. Doing this will allow you to see some results that may not have come up during the Exact Phrase search.

Try to avoid searching for long phrases or strings of terms together, like: “intellectual property law in the United States.” It would probably be extremely rare for an article or e-book page to feature such a long string of words in that exact same order. If you want to search for results on that topic, a good way to do so would be to search for: “intellectual property law” United States. Leaving United States outside of the quotation marks ensures that those words will be searched under a basic Keyword Search, where the words are found anywhere in the document.

As with online searching in general, if at first it doesn’t succeed, try to change up your search terms altogether, or eventually you may need to try a different database.

If you have any questions about searching our databases or anything else related to your research or class assignments, please feel free to contact the EU librarians!

Webinar: NEW EBSCO Business Resources

Business Source Elite

Webinar: Using the EU Libraries’ New Business Databases: Business Source Elite and Small Business Reference Center

DATE: Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

TIME: 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

DESCRIPTION: The EU Libraries recently added two excellent new Business research databases: Business Source Elite, and Small Business Reference Center. Business Source Elite (an EBSCOHost Business database) offers full-text, printable and downloadable articles from nearly 1,000 business publications, as well as over 10,000 company profiles. Small Business Reference Center provides information about entrepreneurship, how to start new companies, how to write business plans, and more. Along with full-text, printable and downloadable content from nearly 400 periodicals and over 450 reference books, Small Business Reference Center features “how-to” videos, lectures, and interviews. Learn all about how to use these library databases during this live, one-hour webinar, presented by Pamela Erickson, a professional trainer from EBSCO.

INSTRUCTIONS: To register for this webinar, go to:

After registering, you will get a confirmation email sent to your Inbox. Five to ten minutes before the webinar’s start time on April 17th, go to the attendee link that you received in your confirmation email.

Questions? Contact your librarians!

small business reference center

EU Orlando April On-Campus Workshops

Attention Students! Join Sara in the library for these exciting library workshops!

Wednesday, April 10th at 5:00pm

Beginning Construction Research

This workshop for construction students will focus on finding both reference and research resources using the EU library databases.

Thursday, April 11th at 1:00pm

Statistics: How to Find Them, Use Them, and Cite Them Properly

Have you ever wanted some numbers to back up your research, but wasn’t sure where to find accurate statistics? Do you have statistics but aren’t sure where to cite them? Come to this workshop to find some of the best resources for locating accurate and up to date statistics and how to properly use them and cite them in your research papers.

Thursday, April 18th at 5:00pm

APA Style

Please bring an electronic copy of your paper to this workshop, which will show you how to properly style your paper and format your references using APA.

Sign Up for All Workshops in the Library!

Business Information in LexisNexis

Hello students! Did you know that you can use LexisNexis to find information on companies including news, company profiles, and information about their competitors? This is obviously helpful for business students, but aviation, construction, alternative and renewable energy students and anyone who wants more insight into businesses in their industry would be able to use LexisNexis for this helpful information.

In order to access LexisNexis, log-in to the EU Library splash page at: Your username is your seven digit student ID# and the password is the last four of your SSN.

LexisNexis is located in the blue box under “Databases”.


Once you’re at the LexisNexis main search page, locate the box for “Get Company Info” in the top right corner.


Type in the name of the company you’re interested in learning more about. Example: “Apple” or “Pizza Hut”. Click the blue “go” button.


Choose the result you want from the list. (The first one is usually the most relevant.)


The navigation bar on the list gives you options for financial information, news, company hierarchy, competitors and more.


The main box gives company information including the address headquarters, contact information, a business description, and stock information.


The box to the right gives a list of executives, quick glance financials, and links to the top three competing businesses.


Additional questions? Ask your librarians!

EU Orlando- March On Campus Workshops

EU Orlando Students: Join Sara in the library for these exciting March workshops!

Saturday, March 9th 1:00pm

Business Research Skills

This workshop for business students will focus on finding both reference and research resources using the EU library databases.

Tuesday, March 12th 1:00pm

Blogging 101

Have you ever wanted to have your own blog but didn’t know where to start? This workshop with Sara will focus on choosing a blog theme, name, and getting started on your first posts!

Monday, March 18th 5:00pm

Book & Reading Clubs

Come to this workshop to learn more about opportunities to connect with other readers in person or online!

Tuesday, March 26th 1:00pm

APA Style

Please bring an electronic copy of your paper to this workshop, which will show you how to properly style your paper and format your references using APA.

Also, this month, in correlation with the Student Services Department’s Leadership Distinction Program, the library will offer three workshops on using LinkedIn.

Tuesday, March 19th 1:00pm

Tuesday, March 19th 5:00pm

Wednesday, March 20th 5:00pm

Sign up for all workshops in the library!

Natural Standard Tutorial Video

Natural Standard

Attention Alternative Medicine Students!

Natural Standard, one of our premier EU library databases for Complementary and Alternative Medicine research, made a 9-minute video that covers the basic elements of what you can find on the database. The nice thing about this video is that it offers a concise overview of the website, yet it goes into a bit more detail than we do on our 5-minute library video tutorial about our Alt Med resources (you can watch that video and our other library videos at

Here is the direct link to the Natural Standard video and video website URL:

To access Natural Standard and our other EU library databases, you must first log in to our EU library website. Go to:, then enter your Username (student ID number) and password (last four digits of your SSN; if the first digit is a zero, replace it with a one). For faculty members who have set up library accounts, your username is your first name followed by the last four of your SSN, and your password is your last name. Once you are logged in, our library databases are located in the left-hand column in the big blue box.

Questions? Contact your librarians!