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YOU GOT IT!!!!!!


For the first time we are able to provide you an interactive workshop experience online!!!!!! As the first week of the semester is right around the corner, it is very possible that you might be running into some academic challenges. Curious about where to get more help?????????????????

Join us for our first ever interactive workshop on Smarthinking and APA:

  • Tuesday 3/6 at 5pm
  • Wednesday 3/7 at 1pm

Hosted by: Tammie Olivera (Online Division Librarian)

See you there!!!!!!!

Students at Everglades University’s Tampa campus will want to check out the current book display in the Library.  Whether you’re majoring in Alternative Medicine, or you’re simply interested in improving your health by eating a nutritious and well balanced diet, there’s something here for everyone. Be sure to stop in and see the wide variety of materials available for you to check out.



Please join librarian Danielle O’Donnell on Tuesday February 27, 2018 at 12:30 in the Student Resource Room (101) for help on APA formatting and Smarthinking.

New Displays At Everglades University-Orlando Campus Have Officially Been Created For The Month of March!  Each Display Has a Bit of Green Theme For This Month. 

Alternative Medicine:

Whether it is Chiropractic Care, Ayurveda Medicine, Functional Nutrition, etc., this display is catered to all of those pursuing our Bachelors Degree in Alternative Medicine.  In addition those pursuing our Masters Degree in Public Health with an emphasis in either Alternative Medicine or Functional Nutrition will find these resources to be particularly insightful as well.

Life In The Greenhouse:

This display is specifically devoted to the various fundamentals of solar/energy efficient housing.  Learn how to construct and save energy with our resources pertaining solar homes.  These resources are gear toward those pursuing our Bachelors Degree Program in Alternative and Renewable Energy and Construction (including our Masters Degree In Business Administration with a concentration in Construction Management).

Financial Resources:

This display emphasizes various components in the finance industry.  Within our business collection, we have many financial resources which cover the various logistical and procedural components in ensuring that an organization is financially sound.  Those pursuing a Bachelors Degree or Masters Degree in Business will find these resources to be helpful.  Those pursuing our MBA with a Concentration in Accounting will find these resources to be especially beneficial.


In addition to our physical resources, please check out our Computers and Printer in our Computer Lab.  Various enhancements have been made in order to ensure that these resources are running more efficiently.

For Further Questions, Please Contact The Orlando Campus Librarian:

Librarian:  Adam Brody

Phone#:  407-277-0311



Attention All Everglades University-Boca Raton Students!!!!!!!!!

The Following Enhancements Have Been Made In Our Computer Lab At The Everglades University-Boca Raton Campuus In Order To Provide For Our Students More Expedited Access To All Electronic Resources And Streamline Information Access. 

  • All Computers Have Been Upgraded To Windows 10

  • All Computers Have Been Upgraded To Microsoft 2016 Operating Systems 

  • Enhanced Versions of Java, Adobe Flash, And Adobe Acrobat

  • All Computers Are Hardwired For Best Connectivity Speed

  • Daily Check Ups By The EU-Boca Librarian

  • Periodic Maintenance Evaluations By IT Professionals

  • Toners For Printer Will Now Be Ordered Well in Advance In Order to Eliminate Wait Time!

For further support please contact The Everglades University Boca Raton Campus Librarian.

Librarian: Tammie Olivera

Phone# 561-912-1211



Below are the Dates and Times for the APA/Smarthinking Workshops at EU – Orlando Campus


Date: Tuesday, February 13th

Time: 1:00pm


Date: Wednesday, February 14th

Time: 5:00pm


Please check with the front desk receptionist or library for the room number.  All APA/Smarthinking Workshops will be taught by the Everglades University Campus Librarian.


For More Information Please Contact:

Orlando Campus Librarian: Adam Brody

Phone#: 407-277-0311 or 866-289-1078










Virtual Workshops Exclusively For Our Everglades University Online Division Students!!!!!!!!!!

         Utilizing Our Blackboard Collaborate Program, Everglades University Students who are exclusive To Our Online Division Will Have The Opportunity To Attend And Experience APA/Smarthinking Workshops, which will be rendered exclusively by our Online Division Librarian. 

    Smarthinking is an online platform where users have the opportunity to connect with a tutor either in real-time or per an appointment on a wide variety of subject matters.  Please check out our page on the Everglades University Library Blog exclusively for Smarthinking at……..

  APA is the way in which we structure our paper and cite our sources.  This is the format that Everglades University subscribes to.  Please check out our pages on the Everglades University Library Blog specifically devoted to APA at………………..


More Information Will Be Forthcoming Regarding This New and Innovative Workshop Experience. 

For Immediate Questions Regarding APA, Smarthinking, or the Navigation of Any of Our Electronic Resources, Please Contact ……….

Everglades University Online Division Librarian: Tammie Olivera

Phone #: 561-912-1211

Email Address: