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LIRN Support Page

The Following Information Consists Of Specific Instructions For Accessing The LIRN Database Exclusively Through The Everglades University Online Library:

Step One: Go to

Step Two: Click The “Login” Icon In The Top Right Hand Corner Of The Screen

Step Three: For Username, Type In Your Everglades University Student ID#

Step Four: For Password, Type In Your First Name

Step Five:  Click On Section Titled “Database”

Step Six: Find The Section Titled “Everglades University Databases”

Step Seven: Click On Icon Titled “LIRN Database Platform”

Step Eight: Check Out The Videos Below For Search Strategies Utilizing The Gale And ProQuest Platforms In LIRN

Step Nine:  For Further Assistance, Please Contact Your Everglades University Campus Librarian


LIRN Video Tutorials!

Access LIRN Through Online Library Along with ProQuest Search:


Gale Platform Search Through LIRN:

* Disregard first thirty seconds of video regarding LIRN Access in Gale Video.  Refer To Steps As Outlined Above and Mentioned in ProQuest Video Regarding LIRN Access Information Through The Everglades University Online Library.

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