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Electronic Resources Geared Toward Student Veterans

At Everglades University, We Place A High Value In The Service We Provide For Our Student Veterans!!!!  

Please Refer To The Following Information Below Regarding Electronic Resources Which Are Available For All Of Our Everglades University Students Per The LIRN Database Platform. However, Our Student Veterans Should Find These Resources Especially Appealing.  

MILITARY AND INTELLIGENCE DATABASE (Gale): This electronic platform contains immediate access to various scholarly journals, periodicals, and reports which contain past and present information pertaining to military trends.  This electronic resource contains covers key subject areas such as government policies, the socioeconomic effects of  war, the structure of our Armed Forces, and much more.  

MILITARY DATABASE (ProQuest):  This electronic database covers extensive information across all military branches.  Topics include international relations, political science, criminology defense, aeronautics and space flight, communications, civil engineering, and much more.  Content includes trade journals,  industry journals, Scholarly Resources, technical reports, conference proceedings, government publications, and much more.  Users have access to over 700 publications with more than 500 full text articles.  

US HISTORY eCOLLECTION (Gale): This electronic platform is specifically designed for those users looking to pursue information pertaining current mainstream thoughts on US History in addition to perspectives from scholarly research historians.  Those enrolled in either a political science or history course will also find this electronic resource to be especially beneficial.  

US HISTORY IN CONTEXT (Gale): This electronic resource contains contextual information on hundreds of the most important people, topics, and events in United States History.  The intent of this resource is more critical thinking based.  The information formats within this electronic resource ranges from reference works, over a million news and periodical articles, and more than 5,000 primary source documents.  

For More Information On ProQuest and Gale Database Navigation Strategies Within The LIRN Network, Please Check Out Our LIRN Support Link For Step By Step Access Instructions, Along With Video Tutorials!!!!!!  –  LIRN Support Page






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