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The Aviation Week Intelligence Network

AWIN is a database exclusive to all Everglades University Students and is specifically geared toward those who are enrolled in our Aviation Program.  

Access Instructions:

Step 1:  Log into Everglades University’s Online Library at  (please check out our Online Library Page at ( for Online Library Access Instructions along with tutorial video).  

Step 2:  Click on Section titled “Databases

Step 3:  Click on “Aviation Week Intelligence Network”

Step 4:: Utilize “Search” feature in order to locate various topics exclusive to the aviation industry.  

What If I Leave The AWIN Database But Want To Log Back In Later?

For those who are logging out of AWIN and plan to log back in, please click on the “Sign Out” icon in the top right hand corner of the database.  This will allow for easy access when exiting and getting back into AWIN.  


Upon logging back in for a second time through the Online Library, click on “Aviation Week Intelligence Network” in the top left hand corner of what looks like an advertisement of the service.  

Check Out The AWIN Video Tutorial:



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