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The Following Displays Are Currently In Full View At Everglades University-Orlando Campus For Month of October

Alternative and Renewable Energy: Due to popular demand, our resources devoted to Alternative and Renewable Energy will  be on full display throughout the October Term.  These resources explore various approaches in conserving energy.  Those pursuing their Bachelors Degree in Alternative and Renewable Energy, Bachelors In Construction, or those pursuing their MBA with an emphasis in Construction Management will find these resources to be especially appealing. 

Aviation History: Back in August,  the best of our Aviation Collection was featured.  In October, we will be taking this one step further.  Various resources will be on display, which focus on the various historical implications of aviation.  These implications consist of famous aviators along with classic jets.  Those pursuing their Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Aviation will find these resources to be of particular interest. 

Social Media: Whether it’s for personal use, marketing a product, or professional networking.  Resources such as Facebook and LinkedIn are becoming vital elements in modern day communication.  These resources encompass information which will assist students in the business world, professional networking, and overall communication in the virtual world. 

Please Contact The Everglades University Orlando Campus Librarian For More Information On These Resources

Orlando Campus Librarian: Adam Brody

Phone #: 407-277-0311 or 866-289-1078


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