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Constitution Day Has Come Early At Everglades University-Orlando Campus Library!!!!!!!!!!

Come Check Out Our New Displays In Honor Of Constitution Day!!!!!!!!

Patriotic Resources:

  This Displays covers the gauntlet regarding all things American such as Famous American Artifacts, such as The Constitution and The American Flag.  In addition, this display has material on famous battles along with information on former United States Presidents. 

Great American Authors:

   Famous American Authors such as Mark Twain and John Steinbeck are taking center stage for this display.  In addition to the display, the Everglades University-Orlando Campus Library has many books authored by some of the all time greats. 

Great American Films:

In addition to great books, the Everglades University-Orlando Campus Library has a variety of American films, where the focal point is on various points in American History,  Our DVD collection not only encompasses great films, but also compelling documentaries.   

For More Information On These Displays Or Our Wide Range Of Other Resources Please Contact The EU-Orlando Campus Librarian.

Orlando Campus Librarian: Adam Brody

Email Address: 

Phone #: 407-277-0311 or 866-289-1078

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