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January is almost over, but our new February Displays are officially up and running.  Please come in and check out the following displays.


Business Resources:  For the month of February, our Business Resources Collection is officially taking center stage.  Resources include but are not limited to Accounting, Human Resources, Leadership, etc.  Those who are pursuing their Bachelors Degree in Business or Masters Degree in Business Administration will find these resources to be especially helpful.

Black History Month: Come celebrate and enjoy some of the greatest literary works of all time.  Currently, we have a book on display titled “100 Most Popular African American Authors.”  This book contains information on famous African American Authors such as James Baldwin, Alex Haley, Alice Walker, etc.  In addition, we also have a book which contains extensive information regarding the Harlem Renaissance era.

Valentines Day:  What would the month of a February be without a display devoted to Valentines Day!!!!???  From famous love stories such as Romeo and Juliet to classic love poems from Pablo Neruda, this display has it all for this timeless holiday.









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