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For The Month of December, The Everglades University- Orlando Campus Will Have The Following Library Displays For The Holidays!!!!

THE CLASSICS DURING THE HOLIDAYS:   Are you looking for something to read over the holiday season?  Please come to the EU Orlando Campus Library and check out our display specifically devoted to the classics.  Enjoy works Mark Twain, Shakespeare, Orwell, etc.  Reading the classics during the holiday break is great way to be inspired and entertained during the holiday season.

DECOMPRESS AND RELAX OVER THE HOLIDAY SEASON WITH RESOURCES DEVOTED TO YOGA:  For those looking for a medium for relaxation, please come take a look at our Yoga Collection.  After a year of balancing the work/school balance, perhaps resources on Yoga will assist in helping you achieve this school.  Rejuvenating during the holiday season with our Yoga Resources should help you get into a positive and enlightened frame of mind going into the next school year.

BRUSING UP ON COLLEGE ALGEBRA DURING THE HOLIDAY BREAK:   Most students tell me that College Algebra is one of the most challenging classes.  During the holiday season, it might not be a bad idea to use some of our resources devoted to College Algebra in order to brush up and be ten steps ahead of the game going into the next semester.



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