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Come Check Out The Following Displays At Everglades University – Orlando Campus Library.  Below is a description of these displays:

ACADEMIC CINEMA:   For the month of November, our DVDs are taking center stage!  In addition to our extensive book collection, we also have audiovisual resources which cover a wide range of programs that are offered right here at EU-Orlando Campus.  In addition to reading about a specific subject matter, it is just as important to see and hear as well.  This is where our DVD Collection comes into play.


THANKSGIVING:  Whether it’s “Manifest Destiny” or “The Rise of American Democracy,” we have a great All American Collection which is sure to get anyone in the mood for one of the most festive and family orientated holidays of the year.  The holiday season is upon us, and there is no better place to get started than with the Everglades University – Orlando Campus’s All American Resources in honor of the Thanksgiving Holiday.


VETERANS DAY:   Before Thanksgiving, we have another highly important Patriotic Holiday, and that is Veterans Days!!!! At the EU-Orlando Campus Library, we have a wide range of resources which tell historically significant stories about our veterans and the many sacrifices that they made in order to secure our fundamental freedoms.



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