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As Promised, New Displays are officially up and running at Everglades University – Orlando Campus!  They are the following:

Aviation Resources:    This display offers a broad overview regarding the best of our Aviation Resources.  Whether it be the marketing side, operations, or economics.  This display along with our entire Aviation Collection will provide for you the general principles needed in order to succeed in this program.

Bookkeeping Resources:   With the end of tax season coming near, this display should offer some general principles in organizing statistics and financial reports.  These resources are very helpful for, but not limited to business students in our undergraduate and graduate programs.

Weather Resources: Ever wonder why we have those April Showers?  The guessing game is over.  Checkout our new display in weather resources, and nothing will be left to the imagination regarding the how’s and why’s regarding the little things that establish weather patterns.  Whether it’s our Construction Program or Alternative and Renewable Energy, these resources should be a great compliment to those respective course of studies.

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