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Library Tech Tip:

Downloading E-books on Ebrary


Greetings EU students and faculty members,

Welcome back for the start of the Summer A term!

One of the most useful resources available to our online and on-campus students is Ebrary, a library database which our university subscribes to. Through Ebrary, students and faculty have access to over 113,000 e-books. This collection of reputable, scholarly material draws from topics in all academic subject areas, including those that relate to what is taught in EU’s academic degree programs.

 Ebrary has a number of interesting features that you can use to refine, manage and cross-reference your searches. While you can opt to read the e-books on the Ebrary site itself and save them to a Bookshelf for later use, the ability to download e-books to your computer, tablet or mobile device will allow you to access them later, even without Internet access.

 To download e-books to a laptop or desktop computer, log into the EU library site at  and then click on the Ebrary link, in the left-hand column of the big blue box. When you find a title you want to download, click on the Download button at the top of the page, which looks like this:


 This will prompt you to download a program called Adobe Digital Editions (sort of similar to Adobe Reader, which is used to view PDF files). The file type you will be downloading is a .acsm file. You can quickly install ADE for free, and once this is installed, you’ll be able to download an e-book from Ebrary directly to ADE, a visual platform that allows for easier flipping from page to page. NOTE: E-books will stay on ADE for two weeks; after that, they will time out and become unreadable. However, if you want to keep reading a title after two weeks have passed, simply delete this expired version of the e-book from ADE, then log back on to Ebrary following the steps above, and download the title again.

 To download to a tablet or mobile device, there are two options: (a) transferring to your mobile device or tablet an e-book that was already downloaded to a laptop or desktop computer; or (b) downloading a title directly from the Ebrary app on a device or tablet.

 To read about how to transfer to your mobile device or tablet an e-book that was already downloaded to your laptop or desktop computer, click here.

 To download a title from the Ebrary app: search for the Ebrary app, which is a free download. Once the app is installed, go to a computer and log into Ebrary through the EU library site. Once you are logged in, click on the ‘My Settings’ link. Here you have the ability to connect your Ebrary account to your Facebook log-in. Once Ebrary and Facebook are connected, log into the Ebrary app on your tablet or mobile device, and then you can search through titles and download them to a reading app on your device that is capable of reading .acsm files (these might include Aldiko or BlueFire).

(Please note that the use of Facebook to log-in to the app has no connection to EU at all, and is solely a transaction between the companies Ebrary and Facebook. It is a step that facilitates access to the app without having to first authenticate you through the EU library site, which has a different username and password than a student’s actual Ebrary account has. Using the Facebook option is not necessary in order to download a title to a mobile device, as mentioned above).

 NOTE: The process for downloading onto a Kindle Fire is somewhat different and can be accessed at this link.

 For more details on Ebrary’s downloading options as they relate to a variety of devices, see this page. Also, please note that not all titles on Ebrary might be currently available for full-text downloading.

 Please let the EU library know if we can assist you with any questions you might have about Ebrary or the research process in general.We wish you best of luck in your summer studies!

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