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spot light  Database Spotlight: AWIN



Have you been assigned to research a topic about the aviation industry? You might be able to find some helpful information from company websites,, and other publicly accessible online sources. But if you want to take your research to new levels, consider searching about your topic on this week’s spotlight database, the Everglades University library’s Aviation Week Intelligence Network (AWIN)!

You might be familiar with the Aviation Week name if you’ve been to, or if you’ve read an issue of Aviation Week and Space Technology. The same company created AWIN, a multi-faceted database that provides electronic access to various industry-related information, including many thousands of articles from publications such as AW&ST, Aviation Daily, Defense Technology International, and more.

In addition to searching for articles, through AWIN’s unique World Aerospace Database you can find comprehensive information about program suppliers, organizations, personnel, and products and services. AWIN also provides the ability to collect Fleet Data regarding business, commercial and military fleets. Additionally, if you’re a student in EU’s Aviation Management degree program, you will find the Forecasts section helpful if you are trying to project future trends in segments of the industry related to your interests.

Icons for printing, exporting and saving information from AWIN appear at the top of the page when viewing a result:

awin1              awin2

When you click ‘Add to MyAWIN,’ you will be prompted to create a personal AWIN account (NOTE: This account is not affiliated with EU). With this personal account, you will be able to save articles to the database so that you can view them again later. Alternatively, if you prefer to save the article to your computer, click ‘Print this Article,’ then right-click, ‘Select All,’ and copy and paste the text into a new Word document.

AWIN is accessible in the left-hand column of the blue box on the main library page, which is found at  The AWIN link is listed under the ‘Everglades University Databases’ heading:


If you have any questions about AWIN, related research, or anything at all, please feel free to contact your campus librarian.

Best of luck to everyone for a successful and productive Winter C class term!

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