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Hi guys! 

Promote Mental Health Awareness Month by staying informed!!  There are many ways we all can stay informed but the most important one is doing the research. 

Did you know that you can access numerous books for information on mental health from your EU campus library collection like:

EU Altamonte Springs campus: 616.89 ABC 2008

EU Boca Raton campus: 378.19713 Kad 2004

EU Sarasota campus: 616.85 Mar 2003

You can also search our ebrary collection:

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And, don’t forget about the databases:

Access thousands of articles through our various databases like the EBSCOhost Medical Research Databases, ProQuest and InfoTrac which are located in the the Library Information Resource Network (LIRN) link, just to name a few.  Simply type in your search term such as “mental health” in quotation marks and search away! 

Here are a few articles results that popped up when using EBSCOhost:

Bulbrook, K., Carey, T., Lenthall, S., Byers, L., & Behan, K. (2012). Treating mental health in remote communities: What do remote health practitioners need?. Rural And Remote Health, 12(4), 2346.

Pierre, J. (2012). Mental illness and mental health: Is the glass half empty or half full?. Canadian Journal Of Psychiatry. Revue Canadienne De Psychiatrie, 57(11), 651-658.

Wildeman, S. (2013). Protecting rights and building capacities: Challenges to global mental health policy in light of the convention on the rights of persons with  disabilities. Journal Of Law, Medicine & Ethics, 41(1), 48-73. doi:10.1111/jlme.12005

Also, if you browse the Everglades University website you will also find helpful links.  Just click the “Current Students” tab select “Safety and Secuity” and there you will find the “Useful Links” tab on the left where you can access important information.  Click the hyperlink to take a look:

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