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Hello students! Did you know that you can use LexisNexis to find information on companies including news, company profiles, and information about their competitors? This is obviously helpful for business students, but aviation, construction, alternative and renewable energy students and anyone who wants more insight into businesses in their industry would be able to use LexisNexis for this helpful information.

In order to access LexisNexis, log-in to the EU Library splash page at: Your username is your seven digit student ID# and the password is the last four of your SSN.

LexisNexis is located in the blue box under “Databases”.


Once you’re at the LexisNexis main search page, locate the box for “Get Company Info” in the top right corner.


Type in the name of the company you’re interested in learning more about. Example: “Apple” or “Pizza Hut”. Click the blue “go” button.


Choose the result you want from the list. (The first one is usually the most relevant.)


The navigation bar on the list gives you options for financial information, news, company hierarchy, competitors and more.


The main box gives company information including the address headquarters, contact information, a business description, and stock information.


The box to the right gives a list of executives, quick glance financials, and links to the top three competing businesses.


Additional questions? Ask your librarians!

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