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If you’re graduating soon, you’re probably revising your resume and thinking about cover letters and interviews. Have you also thought about creating a profile on LinkedIn? LinkedIn is a social media network for professionals. It’s a great way to connect with colleagues and classmates and to network regarding future opportunities. It’s also a great way to keep up with news and best practices in your industry.

  1. Don’t make your profile an exact replica of your resume. This space  gives you more of a chance to elaborate on your specific experiences and achievements than a resume does.
  2. Make sure you have a great photo! It should be of your head and shoulders and preferably in natural light. Don’t forget to smile!
  3. The new LinkedIn profile gives you the opportunity to write a customized headline. Make it interesting! “Alternative Medicine Student. Central Florida. Chinese Medicine, Medical Research Methods, Exercise Science.” is so much more informative than “Everglades University Student”.
  4. Join groups! This is a great way to meet other people in your field and stay abreast of news and events.
  5. Keep it professional. This is a resource for professionals, so it should go without saying that you shouldn’t post anything on there that you wouldn’t want a future (or current) employer to see.

Are you interested in learning more about making the best of your LinkedIn profile? If you’re on the EU Orlando campus, come to one of the Library and Student Services Workshops on “Getting the Interview” and the new “LinkedIn Profile” on Tuesday, March 19th at 1pm and 5pm or on Wednesday, March 20th at 5:00pm.

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