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Hello students!

Have you ever wanted articles from a specific date range, but didn’t know how to find them? Maybe you want things that were super of the minute and published within the past week, month or year or you were looking for articles relating to a certain time frame. Below, I’ll show you how to limit your search by date using the Gale InfoTrac database.

Log-In to the Library splash page at

  • Username: your seven digit student ID #
  • Password: the last four of your SSN.

In the blue box, underneath the heading “Everglades University Databases” click the link for LIRN (Library Information Resources Network).

LIRN Date 1

Next, click the button that says “Connect to Gale InfoTrac”.

LIRN Date 2

When the list of databases comes up, you can perform a Power Search and search them all at once by clicking “Continue”. (You can also choose a particular database to search, if you prefer. The next few steps will be the same either way.)

LIRN Date 3From the search page, click the link for “Advanced Search”.

lirn dATE 4

On the Advanced Search page, you can limit the search by publication date.

LIRN Date 5

You can also limit the search results by date range after you’ve already begun to search. From the results page list, simply navigate to the section on dates using the toolbar on the left hand side of the screen that says “Limit Search By”.

LIRN Date 6

Questions? Want to know how to limit a search by date range in another database? Contact your librarians!

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