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While we always prefer you use the EU Library Databases for finding research and articles, sometimes a website will have some great information on a current event or organization. We’ve compiled a list of these free resources here on the blog! You can reach them by going to the tab labeled “Resources” and then choosing your major. From there the resources are divided by topic.

The librarians have thoroughly researched and evaluated these websites, so they are fine for supplementing your paper on providing you with additional information. Just remember that the majority of them aren’t scholarly or peer-reviewed, so you’ll need to still use the databases for those. For more information on evaluating websites, check out our post on Smart Searching Strategies!

A great example of a time when it would be appropriate to use a website for some additional information is while searching for resources on Aviation Safety and Regulations. If you head over to this section on the blog (Hover Over “Resources” in the Top Right Corner, Then Click “Aviation”, Then Click “Safety and Regulations”) you’ll see the following list of links:

Safety Regulation Resources 1

The FAA, NTSB or TSA websites would be great resources if you’re interested in knowing about regulations and safety precautions today. There are also some links in there regarding professional associations, wikis, and current news resources.

Do a little exploring and then come back and tell us which one was your favorite and why!

Questions? Contact your librarians!

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