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  1. Make sure that you actually want a book. If you’re searching for research articles or a somewhat obscure topic, it might be better for you to search in our online databases. Remember, the orange search box will only search for physical media- print titles a.k.a. books, DVDs, etc. Searching 1
  2. Filter by campus location. Do you need a book right away or do you have time to wait for it for a few days? If you need it today, you should only search for books that are available on our home campus. You can do that by clicking the drop down menu on the right that says “All Libraries” and selecting your home campus.Searching 2
  3. Request a title from another campus. If you have time to wait, you can request a title from another campus. We have access to over 100,000 titles through interlibrary loan. Once you find the title you want, click the blue linked title to bring up the title record. Then click “Reserve Title” to request the book. Make sure you select your home campus as the pick up location and that you only reserve books that aren’t available on your own campus. Librarians are always available to help you request and reserve titles! Searching 3
  4. Filter by material type. Do you want a DVD or other type of multimedia? You can filter your search for just those! Underneath the drop down menu “All Libraries”, click the link for “Material Type”. Searching 4
  5. Double check your spelling! Spelling and spacing matter! If you aren’t getting results, your search could be too narrow or you could have a misspelling. Double check it.


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