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Five Awesome Tips for Using the EU Library Databases

  1. Know what type of resources you’re looking for. Does your class require to write a research paper? Then you’re going to need to find scholarly peer-reviewed research articles. These aren’t the same thing as reference materials.
  2. Know which databases to search for. I wouldn’t suggest searching EBSCO Medical Research databases if you’re looking for company profiles for your business class. The databases have different journals they pull from which in turn cover different topics. Searching in the right one is half the battle! Not sure where to look? Click the Need Help button in the top right corner of the blog to see EU library resources by topic.
  3. Check your spelling. It sounds obvious, but if you aren’t getting any results back at all and your search terms aren’t incredibly long and/or specific, chances are you’ve spelled something wrong. Double check it.
  4. Click that little box marked “full-text”. It ensures that you’ll only receive results that contain access to the full text of articles. No abstracts or partial articles!
  5. Not getting the results you expected? Try coming up with synonyms for some of your keywords to get a better idea of the proper terms for your topic. See our earlier blog post for more on choosing the right search term.

For more tips on conducting research, check out our Beginning Research series! Need additional help searching the databases? Click the Need Help button in the top right corner for more tips and video tutorials.

Even more questions? Contact your librarians!

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