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Welcome to the Palm Beach County Sunshine Library Card Project

Each Everglades University Boca Raton student will be provided with a SEFLIN Sunshine Library Card inside of their instructor’s attendance binder during the week of 8/6/12.  If you have any questions about the Sunshine Library Card, or you did not receive your card, please contact Zach English or Amanda Sarra.  We’re happy to help!

The purpose of the Palm Beach County Sunshine Library Card (Sunshine Card) pilot project is to demonstrate reciprocal borrowing among academic, public, and school libraries.  The libraries participating in the Sunshine Card project endeavor to:

  • Collectively leverage their library resources for the benefit of their communities
  • Minimize restrictions on the use of their library resources, while recognizing the nature of the resources, the existence of licensing and use agreements imposed on the resources, and the mission of each participating library
  • Provide reference services to library users as a vital component of resource sharing

Click below to view the location, hours of operation, and other information about each participating member:

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