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EU Orlando Students,

Could your resume use a little boost? Would you like to add a little something to your “Academic Achievements” section? Why not enter the monthly Library Research Award contest?

Every month, Sara and Blake will choose one winner who will have a special display in the library. Their achievement will be noted in the monthly newsletter and they will be able to choose two new books to add to our library’s collection.

To enter, you simply need to use the library’s resources to research a topic of your choice and write a paper on it. You can submit a paper that you’re writing for your current class.  Make sure that your paper follows proper APA formatting guidelines! If you are chosen as the winner, you will need to write a brief paragraph detailing your research and any issues that you had with APA style.

For questions, or to get some help with your entry, please contact Sara or Blake at (866) 289-1078.

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