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Natural Standard

Are you a student studying alternative medicine? Or perhaps you’re just interested in alternative therapies and treatments? You should be using the Natural Standard database! Natural Standard was founded by healthcare providers and researchers to provide high-quality, evidence-based information about complementary and alternative medicine including dietary supplements and integrative therapies.

To access the Natural Standard database, log-in to the EU Library splash page at http://evergladeslibrary.comwith your student ID number and last four of your social security number.

In the blue databases box, click on “Natural Standard Research Collaboration”.

In Natural Standard, you can start by searching for a disease, symptom, or treatment or you can browse the different databases offered. For example, searching for the symptom “back pain” will bring up links for related terms, causes, treatments, and several other areas of the site. Additionally, relevant news articles related to “back pain” will also be shown.

Choosing “Treatment” will jump to the portion of the page on back pain that deals with traditional or Western treatment options. Below that, the section on “Integrative Therapies” appears with such suggestions as chiropractic or hydrotherapy. Additionally, the integrative treatment section is divided into subsections for those that have “good” scientific evidence, unclear or conflicting scientific evidence, or negative scientific evidence and explanations as to why each was placed in that category.

In addition to the search feature, going to the menu bar and clicking on the link for databases will bring up a wide range of available resources.

Clicking on any of these links will bring up an A to Z list on the topic, much like an encyclopedia or dictionary. Clicking on individual entries will then bring up an overview of the term. For example, selecting “Foods, Herbs and Wellness” and then “Riboflavin”, brings up the following page:

As you can see, this is an excellent resource! Questions? Contact your librarians.


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