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Do you know the difference between research articles and reference resources? Research articles are often peer reviewed, published in scholarly journals, and contain original research on highly specific subject. Reference resources, such as encyclopedias, almanacs, and dictionaries, give a broad overview of a topic or subject. For more on different types of resources and where to find them, check out our earlier post on Beginning Research: Finding Resources.

One of the reference resources that we have available for our alternative medicine program is the Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine. To access the Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine, log-in to the library’s splash page at using your seven digit student ID number.

In the blue box, under “Everglades University Databases”, click on the link for LIRN.

From the LIRN homepage, click “Connect to Gale InfoTrac”.

Select the “Health and Wellness Resource Center and Alternative Medicine Module” from the list of available databases.

Click the tab for “Alternative Medicine”.

Select a condition from the list to see an overview of the topic including possible treatments such as herbal supplements, acupuncture, or food therapy as well as traditional treatment options.

For additional questions, contact your librarians!

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