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If you’ve been to the library lately, you might have noticed one of our displays. All of the campuses work hard to offer rotating displays on a wide variety of topics. Sometimes they highlight new materials in our collection, sometimes they showcase a particular program or topic, and often they focus on titles related to a specific class that’s being offered this term.

But, what if you can’t make it to campus or you’re an online student? Why not check out some of the eBook titles listed below? These are just a sample of those that relate to the Alternative Medicine programs. In order to access e-books, log-in to the Library Splash page and click on “eBrary” under E-Books in the blue databases box. You can search by the subject or by the title.

Partial List of Alternative Medicine Titles Available in eBrary

Agrawal, S. (2009). Advances in medicinal plants. Jaipur, IND: Global Media.

Awaad, A. S., Singh, V. K., & Govil, J. N. (2010). Recent progress in medicinal plants, volume 28: Drug plants II. Texas: Global Media.

Bailey, E. J. (2002). African American alternative medicine: Using alternative medicine to prevent and control chronic diseases. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press.

Balch, J., Stengler, M., & Young-Balch, R. (2008). Prescription for drug alternatives: All-natural options for better health without the side effects. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

Barnes, L. L. (2005). Needles, herbs, gods, and ghosts: China, healing, and the west to 1848. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.

Bivins, R. (2007). Alternative medicine?: A history. Oxford, GBR: Oxford University Press.

Bodeker G., & Burford G. (2006). Traditional, complementary and alternative medicine: Policy and public health perspectives. London, GBR: Imperial College Press.

Bowling, A. C. (2007). Complementary and alternative medicine and multiple sclerosis (2nd edition). New York, NY: Demos Medical Publishing, Incorporated.

Campbell, T. C., & Campbell, T. M. (2006). China study: The most comprehensive study of nutrition ever conducted and the startling implications for diet, weight loss and long-term health. Dallas, TX: BenBella Books.

Carpenter, K. J. (2000). Beriberi, white rice and vitamin B: A disease, a cause and a cure. Ewing, NJ: University of California Press.

Carroll, K. (1990). Diet, nutrition, and health. Montreal, QC: Published for the Royal Society of Canada.

Carroll, K. (1998). Current perspectives on nutrition and health. Montreal, QC: McGill-Queen’s University Press.

Chivers, M. (2006). Dyslexia and alternative therapies. London, GBR: Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

Committee on Examination of the Evolving Science for Dietary Supplements, & Food and Nutrition Board Staff. (2002). Evolution of evidence for selected nutrient and disease relationships. Washington, DC: National Academies Press.

Daniel, M. (2006). Medicinal plants: Chemistry and properties. Enfield, NH: Science Publishers.

Di Stefano, V. (2006). Holism and complementary medicine: Origins and principles. Sydney, AUS: Allen & Unwin.

Dossey, L. (2006). Extraordinary healing power of ordinary things: Fourteen natural steps to health and happiness. Westminster, MD: Crown Publishing Group.

Duke, J. A. (2002). Handbook of medicinal herbs (2nd edition). Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press.

Eskinazi, D. (2001). What will influence the future of alternative medicine?: A world perspective. River Edge, NJ: World Scientific.

Fraser, G. E. (2003). Diet, life expectancy, and chronic disease: Studies of seventh-day Adventists and other vegetarians. Cary, NC: Oxford University Press.

Gratzer, W. (2005). Terrors of the table: The curious history of nutrition. Oxford, GBR: Oxford University Press, UK.

Halliburton, M. (2009). Mudpacks and prozac: Experiencing ayurvedic, biomedical, and religious healing. Walnut Creek, CA: Left Coast Press.

Hatfield, G. (2003). Encyclopedia of folk medicine: Old world and new world traditions. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO.

Johnston, R. D. (2003). Politics of healing: A history of alternative medicine in twentieth-century north America. Florence, KY. Routledge.

Katsilambros, N., Dimosthenopoulos, C., & Kontogianni, M. (2010). Clinical nutrition in practice. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley-Blackwell.

Kirschmann, A. T. (2003). Vital force: Women in American homeopathy. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press.

Koh, H. L. (2009). Guide to medicinal plants: An illustrated scientific and medicinal approach. SGP: World Scientific.

Kurtz, L. A. (2008). Understanding controversial therapies for children with autism, attention deficit disorder, and other learning disabilities: A guide to complementary and alternative medicine. London, GBR: Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

Leung, P. (2003). Comprehensive guide to Chinese medicine. River Edge, NJ: World Scientific.

Leung P., & Fong H. (2007). Alternative treatment for cancer. River Edge, NJ: World Scientific.

Lindeberg, S. (2009). Food and western disease. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley-Blackwell.

Liu, Z. (2009). Essentials of Chinese medicine. London, GBR: Springer.

Liu, Z. (2009). Essentials of Chinese medicine, volume 2. London, GBR: Springer.

Liu, Z. (2009). Essentials of Chinese medicine, volume 3. London, GBR: Springer.

Mackenzie, E. R., & Rakel, B. (2006). Complementary and alternative medicine for older adults: A guide to holistic approaches to healthy aging. New York, NY: Springer Publishing Company.

Mindell, E., & Hopkins, V. (2009). Prescription alternatives:Hundreds of safe, natural, prescription-free remedies to restore and maintain your health (4th edition). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing.

Mishra, L. C. (2003). Scientific basis for ayurvedic therapies. Boca Raton, FL, USA: CRC Press.

Pribram, V. (2010). Nutrition and HIV. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley-Blackwell.

Singh, A. (2006). Compendia of medicinal plants of the world. Enfield, NH: Science Publishers.

Siple, M., Gordon, D., & Sonberg, L. (2001). Menopause the natural way: The women’s natural health series. New York, NY: Wiley.

Smith, L. H., Walker, L. P., & Brown, E. H. (2002). Nature’s pharmacy for children: Drug-free alternatives for more than 200 childhood ailments. Westminster, MD: Harmony Books.

Vaughan, J. G., & Judd, P. A. (2006). Oxford book of health foods. Oxford, GBR: Oxford University Press, UK.

Vickers, A. (2009). ABC of complementary medicine (2nd edition). Hoboken, NJ: BMJ Books.

Wainapel S. F., & Fast, A. (2002). Alternative medicine and rehabilitation: A guide for practitioners. New York, NY: Demos Medical Publishing, Incorporated.

Watson, R. (2008). Complementary and alternative therapies and the aging population: An evidence-based approach. Burlington, MA: Academic Press.

Weil, A. (2004). Health and healing: The philosophy of integrative medicine and optimum health. Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Whorton, J. C. (2002). Nature cures: The history of alternative medicine in America. Cary, NC: Oxford University Press.

Young, J. (2007). Complementary medicine for dummies. Hoboken, NJ: For Dummies.

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