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If you’re an Aviation student chances are, you’re already somewhat familiar with the Aviation Week Intelligence Network (AWIN) database. AWIN gives you access to of-the-minute news and articles related to the aviation field.

Some key features of AWIN:

  • Articles and data organized into industry segments
  • RSS Feeds and the ability to view the latest AWIN articles on your personalized homepage or standalone RSS reader
  • Advanced search options, plus the ability to see the number of results of your search as you are applying filters
  • Access to all products within the AVIATION WEEK group
  • Profiles on more than 20,000 organizations, 70,000 personnel and 4,500 product categories
  • Fleet data on more than 120,000 commercial, military and business aviation aircraft
  • Over 3,000 suppliers to 60 major aircraft and engine programs
  • An archive that goes back over 11 years and contains over 275,000 articles, 20,000 charts and tables and 46,000 photographs

In order to access AWIN:

Log-in to the library splash page at  using your seven digit student ID number as the username and the last four digits of your social security number as the password. Then choose AWIN from the list of databases located in the blue box.

Searching within AWIN: Advanced Search

The EU librarians recommend that you not use the AWIN Quick Search box in the top-left of the main AWIN page. In order to get more relevant results, do an AWIN Advanced Search by clicking on “Articles GO,” at the top of the main AWIN page.

In Advanced Search, type in your search terms in the “Natural Language” box. (Try Boolean Search if a Natural Language search doesn’t retrieve the results you want). Then, scroll down and order your results by Relevancy, and set any date range limiters if you prefer.

Then click on “Apply Filters.

After you click on the Apply Filters button, the ability to view your results will appear on the right of the page. Click on the “View Results” button to read your results.

You can print the article by clicking on the “Print” button at the top of the page. If you’d like to save the article, one way to do that is to copy and paste it into a Word document.  Then you can save that directly to your computer. You can also save an article by clicking on the “Add to MyAWIN” button at the top of the article. If you’ve never created a MyAWIN account before, you can register. * Note: Your Username will be your Email address. Once you register, when you click to save an AWIN article to MyAWIN, you can view the saved articles in MyAWIN’s “My Favorites” tab.

World Aerospace Database

Using the World Aerospace Database is ideal if you are looking for:
  • Organizations
  • Personnel
  • A Personnel Mailing List
  • Products and Services
  • Program Suppliers
You can also locate Fleet by Aircraft Model, Engine Model and Operator through a World Aerospace Database search.
After making note of the report type you would like, select the criteria for your search; click to expand the filters from which you can choose:
  • Business Criteria
  • Keywords
  • Location
  • Personnel
  • Fleet
  • Products / Services
If you have made selections from within a filter section, click on the APPLY FILTERS button at the bottom of that section.  You can then close that filter section.  If you don’t click the APPLY FILTERS button from within each section, your selections won’t be applied in your search.


AWIN provides access to operators of 30,000 commercial aircraft, 26,000 business aircraft and 60,000 manned military aircraft around the world.
Searching is done within one of three unique fleet sectors:
  • Commercial Aviation
  • Military Aviation
  • Business Aviation

After you enter your search parameters, you will see a table listing all the possible results (here a search was run for Fleet by Operator and Japan Airlines).
Click on the result you care to see and you will be taken to the homepage for that Operator.  In addition to firm specific intelligence, you can also access from this page (if applicable):
  • A fleet profile
  • A listing of company personnel
  • Branch office locations
  • A profile of products and services
  • Program Supplier profiles
  • Profiles of related organizations


When you run an Article or Word Aerospace Database search, as you apply your search filters, a box will appear in the right hand column showing the results of your search.  As you add or remove filters, the results information will update accordingly.

Additional search tips that apply to all databases:

  • The more words you use, the less results you’ll see. Start general and add words to narrow down results.
  • Change up your search terms! Using a variety of words can alter your results. For instance, all of the following will bring up a new set of results without changing the meaning: heart attack, heart disease, coronary, cardiovascular, etc.
  • Getting zero results? Check your spelling, that’s often the problem!
  • Have you found a perfect article and want more like it? Look carefully for the terms that it uses and try a new search using those terms. You’re likely to have luck finding similar articles.

For questions or additional help, don’t hesitate to contact your librarian!

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