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If you’ve been to the library lately, you might have noticed one of our displays. All of the campuses work hard to offer rotating displays on a wide variety of topics. Sometimes they highlight new materials in our collection, sometimes they showcase a particular program or topic, and often they focus on titles related to a specific class that’s being offered this term.

But, what if you can’t make it to campus or you’re an online student? Why not check out some of the eBook titles listed below? These are just a sample of those that relate to the Business and Entrepreneurship programs. In order to access e-books, log-in to the Library Splash page and click on “eBrary” under E-Books in the blue databases box. You can search by the subject or by the title.

Partial List of Business and Entrepreneurship Titles Available in eBrary

Ash, M. K. (2008). Mary Kay way: Timeless principles from America’s greatest woman entrepreneur. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

Cherunilam, F. (2010). Business environment. Mumbai, IND: Global Media.

Clark, M. (2009). Social entrepreneur revolution: Doing good by making money, making money by doing good. Singapore, SGP: Marshall Cavendish.

DuBoff, L. D. (2004). Law in plain English for small business. Naperville, IL: Sphinx Publishing, an Imprint of Sourcebooks, Inc.

Gavai, A. K. (2010). Business ethics. Mumbai, IND: Global Media.

Gordon, E., Natarajan, K., & Arora, A. (2009). Entrepreneurship development. Mumbai, IND: Global Media.

Harper, D. A. (1996). Entrepreneurship and the market process: An enquiry into the growth of knowledge. London, GBR: Routledge.

Havinal, V. (2009). Management and entrepreneurship. Daryaganj, Delhi, IND: New Age International.

Hyndman, M. (2006). Organic entrepreneur: Cultivating the conscious capitalist. London, ON, CAN: Insomniac Press.

Johri, A. (2010). Business analysis. Mumbai, IND: Global Media.

Krlshnamacharyulu, C. S. G., & Ramakrishnan, L. (2009). Business communication. Mumbai, IND: Global Media.

Kumawat, H. S. (2009). Modern entrepreneur and entrepreneurship: Theory, process and practice. Jaipur, IND: Global Media.

McDaniel, B. A. (2002). Entrepreneurship and innovation: An economic approach. Armonk, NY: M.E. Sharpe, Inc.

Morris, M. H. (1998). Entrepreneurial intensity: Sustainable advantages for individuals, organizations and societies. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press.

Murthy, C. S. V. (2010). Small scale industries and entrepreneurial development. Mumbai, IND: Global Media.

O’Conor, D. (2000). In O’Conor D. (Ed.), Business planning. Broadstairs, Kent, GBR: Scitech Educational.

Pande, J. (2009). Enterprising entrepreneurship: Concepts and guidelines. Delhi, IND: Global Media.

Rai, U., & Desai, V. (2008). Entrepreneurship development and business communication. Mumbai, IND: Global Media.

Richard Ivey School of Business,The, & Stephenson, C. (2010). Cross-enterprise leadership: Business leadership for the twenty-first century. Hoboken, NJ: Jossey-Bass.

Schine, G. L. (2003). How to succeed as a lifestyle entrepreneur. Chicago, IL: Dearborn Trade, A Kaplan Professional Company.

Sharma, N. K. (2010). Business finance. Jaipur, IND: Global Media.

Sharma, S. K., & Sharma, N. K. (2010). Business secretariat. Jaipur, IND: Global Media.

Viswanathan, R. (2010). Business communication. Mumbai, IND: Global Media.

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