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There are two ways to cite an image in your paper: you can either include the image in your paper itself, or you can write about an image that appears in a different document. Images like photographs, maps, illustrations, charts, graphs, tables, etc. are called “figures” in APA 6th Edition style.

If you show the figure in the body of your paper, include a caption right beneath it, which will include the reference. Also number your figures.

Figure 1. How to use Nicorette gum. From Nicorette: Real medicine in the form of gum, by GlaxoSmith Kline Consumer Health Care, 2008. Retrieved June 11, 2008, from

In this case, you would not also need to include the reference information on your references page.

However, if you write about an image that appears in a different document, you will include an in-text citation and a reference on the references page, just as you would do for textual information you gather from any other source. When referencing images that come from articles, it is perfectly acceptable to cite the parent article. If you want to specifically cite the image:

  1. Check the article content for additional source information, such as a photographer or illustrator. If an alternate name is available, use that in place of the article’s author(s).
  2. If the image has a title or caption, use that in place of the article title.
  3. After the article or image title and before the journal title, insert the image type. Image types are: Chart, Diagram, Graph, Illustration, Map, or Photograph.
  4. Replace the page range of the article with the page number for the image.

Buggey, T. (2007). Storyboard for Ivan’s morning routine.
Diagram. Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions, 9(3), 151.

Therefore, the in-text citation, which would immediately follow your sentence(s) that discuss this figure, would be like the example below. Also include the figure number as it appears on that page of the source:
(Buggey, 2007, p. 151, fig.1).

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