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Did you know that the EU Orlando and EU Boca Raton Campus Libraries have subscriptions to Bloomberg Businessweek? While you might assume from the title that the magazine is strictly related to business related topics (and it does cover that), Bloomberg also features articles on a variety of topics that would be of interest to students in all of our programs.

For example, in this week’s issue (January 30-February 5, 2012) there is an article on Aviation Safety. In, “How U.S. Airlines Got a Whole Lot Safer”, Alan Levin outlines the safety procedures in the past decade that have led to a dramatic decrease in commercial airline crashes. Did you know that since 2007, the odds of dying in a plane crash in the United States have plummeted from 1 in 3.7 million (in 1998) to 1 in 49 million? A great deal of that is due to the efforts of CAST, the Commercial Aviation Safety Team. (Note, in the print version of this week’s Bloomberg, this article is titled, “Yes, Flying is a Pain. But, It’s Safer Than Ever”. It can be found on page 32.) Check out the article to read more about CAST and their efforts.

Since Bloomberg Businessweek is a weekly subscription, news articles are incredibly up to date and of the minute. You can even check out an issue for up to a week. For those of you in Sarasota or taking classes online, most articles can be accessed online at The above article is available at: There are obviously a multitude of resources for business students, but as you can see, aviation, alternative medicine, construction management and renewable energy students could find resources here as well!


Levin, A. (2012, January 30). How U.S. airlines got a whole lot safer. Bloomberg Businessweek. Retrieved from 

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