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Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is observed on the 3rd Monday in January. This year, it falls on January 16th. As many of you know, Dr. King was a civil-rights activist who was assassinated on April 4, 1968. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day was established as a national holiday in 1986.

Here are a few facts about Dr. King-

  • He was ordained a Baptist minister in 1954, at only 25.
  • He was arrested several times during civil-rights demonstrations.
  • In 1963, he gave his famous “I Have a Dream Speech” on the steps of the Lincoln Monument in Washington,DC.
  • He won the Nobel Peace Prize a year later, in 1964.

You can find out much more about Dr. King by searching for him through Credo Reference. Credo Reference is found through our LIRN database, located on the library homepages in the blue box.

There are NO ON-CAMPUS CLASSES on MLK Day, but EU Campuses will be open. So, you can come in to the library and catch up on your homework or get some research done on your day off! Check with your campus for their hours on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.


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