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Hello New Students!

A warm welcome to any new students that are visiting our blog for the first time! Hello again to our returning visitors!

If you haven’t been here before, or you just haven’t checked us out in a while, let me give you a brief tour of what we have here. Up at the top, we have tabs that can tell you what are hours are, how to contact us, or just a little bit more information about your librarians.

Over on the right, under the Categories drop down menu, you’ll see program specific links. Selecting any of these will bring you to a list of online resources for your program. This includes academic journals as well as magazines, videos, books and news sources. While we recommend heading back over to our library catalog and searching our databases for in-depth research, these can provide you with great starting points if you’re looking for a topic for a paper or want some up to date news.

Clicking “APA FAQs” will bring you to a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding APA style. In the Meebo box, you can ask questions to a live librarian here at EU. Just make sure the mouth bubble is green and then ask away!

Hello Meebo!

In the coming months, we’re looking forward to adding a lot of additional resources to this blog. In addition to news about our upcoming workshops and webinars, we’ll be showcasing any new additions to our collections, highlighting our print resources and periodicals, and continuing to provide you with insight on the ever elusive APA style beast.

If there’s something you’d like to see featured on the blog, please let us know! You can reach Sara at or (866) 289-1078.

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