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Our featured periodical this month is Whole Living, formerly known as Body + Soul. A Martha Stewart publication, Whole Living is a magazine which focuses on natural health and well-being. The magazine routinely showcases healthy recipes, natural beauty products and tips for living stress-free.

Whole Living Magazine

Although a good read for anyone, Alternative Medicine students should be particularly interested in Whole Living. For example, the December issue features an article on treating migraines holistically. The author discusses her own experiences with migraines. Unsatisfied with traditional treatment options, the author explores natural remedies and explains how combining several alternative methods have begun to provide her with relief (Savacool, 2011). Other articles include a piece on genetic research linking nutrition and skin care and an article on natural strategies for preventing illness this flu season, among others.

In the Orlando Campus library, Whole Living can be found with the other magazines. You can even check them out for up to a week! We also keep archived issues of the magazine- just ask a librarian if you need help finding a particular issue. For students at other campuses, most articles from the previous issues of Whole Living can also be accessed online at


Savacool, J. (2011, Dec 01). Head case. Whole living, (1)(62), 60-63.

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