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If you’re a student or faculty member at Everglades’ Altamonte Springs campus, we have an exciting new opportunity for you. The Altamonte Springs library is now a member of NEFLIN (Northeast Florida Library Information Network), and now all Altamonte Springs students and faculty members are able to order library materials (including books and journal articles) from nearly 100 other public and academic libraries throughout the Central and North Florida regions. This process is called Interlibrary Loan (or ILL for short). You can already order items from other Everglades and Keiser campus libraries for free through ILL, but now the Altamonte Springs patrons can order books and journal articles for free from much bigger academic libraries, such as the University of Florida’s and the University of North Florida’s. They should arrive within a week (sometimes even sooner).

If you’re interested in ordering an item through ILL, please contact Altamonte Springs campus librarian Zach English, at (407) 277-0311, or or come in to see him next time you’re on campus.

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