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The EU librarians have created a new option for you on our library website: 5 minute instructional videos that will show you how to use our library databases, as well as other things. For example, our newest video is all about what options you have on the library site if you are an Alt Med student. You can watch the video and then go right into those databases that are listed to the left of the video links!

Here’s what that Alt Med video looks like.

The videos were made using a technique called “screencasting.” Screencasting shows you exactly what the librarian is doing on his or her computer screen, so that you can follow right along on your own computer. The librarian also speaks through a microphone to give instructions. And the videos can be paused periodically if you want to take the instructions slowly, step-by-step. Finally, the brief 5 minute window ensures that you will be getting the most important tips you need as an Everglades library patron.

If you have an idea for a new video topic, please feel free to suggest it to your EU librarians! We’ll be adding more of these throughout the year.

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