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Library Snapshot Day

On January 25, Everglades University’s campus in Orlando celebrated the statewide “Library Snapshot Day” that was promoted by the Florida Library Association (FLA). This day was a celebration of all the value that Florida’s libraries bring to their patrons. FLA encouraged libraries to have events and set up displays throughout the week, and to also solicit comments from patrons about why they value their library. FLA also encouraged librarians to take photographs of what a typical day in each library looks like. Then, FLA will upload all of the submitted pictures to a Flickr account, and compile all of the written comments for the purpose of promoting libraries’ strengths in our state.

            The EU Snapshot Day celebration was set up by Zach English, the new librarian for the Orlando campus. Along with Comment forms and Photo Release forms, he set up a display on which were included handouts for students to use when writing their papers. These handouts gave lists of APA websites, as well as advice about Plagiarism and how to write a research paper from scratch.

            Zach accumulated the following statistics for Snapshot Day: 63 people came in that day; 27 students used the library computers; 8 students were taught some sort of computer skills; 5 students were helped with their homework; and 19 reference questions were asked.

            Here are some written comments students submitted:

  • “I have had a hard time accessing the library online from home. Today I decided to come in early to the EU library, and the librarian took the time to show me how to use it.” – Mayra Suarez, Alt Med program
  • “The library helps me both at the school and on the web. It offers me an extensive collection of material that is very current in today’s market. The web-based library helps me find books and ship them here, if they’re not currently at our school.” – Nathan Rimkus, Construction program
  • “[The library] does everything. It helps students find online resources and formatting sources, and it is where we can use the several computers available for writing papers and overall class assistance.” – Marco Boyer, Alt Med program
  • “We had a library orientation. Even though I’ve been here four months, I learned many things that were helpful. Zach showed us how to navigate the library website. I have been using the online library before, but now I understand it better.” – Colleen Evans, Alt Med program
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