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Evaluating Information

One of the skills that you will develop over the course of your Academic career is the ability to evaluate online information for accuracy, authority, objectivity and currency/timeliness. When you are evaluating a website, you need to determine if the information is based on verifiable sources that are reliable. Does the author include footnotes, bibliographies or references so that you can verify the information? Who published the page and what are their credentials? Is the person supported by known organizations or affiliated with a university? If so, is he or she a student or faculty member?  You need to ask about any biases that the author might have. Is the site sponsored by a profit or non-profit organization? Are multiple points of view shown? How often is the page updated and do any supporting links still work? How old is the information?

When you access peer-reviewed/scholarly journal articles through any of the Everglades University library databases,  you are accessing articles that have already been evaluated for accuracy, authority, objectivity and currency. Half of your job has already been done for you!  Your job is to search and find information that is pertinent to your research.

Many of the library’s journals are included in databases which have “limit results to” or filter for “Peer-Reviewed” or “Refereed.”  An example is the Proquest database.  There is a “Scholarly journals, including peer-reviewed” check box to limit search results to peer-reviewed articles.  You can check the Help screens of databases to find out if limiting by peer review is available and how to use this function.

As always, if you need individual assistance from an Everglades University librarian, please call us at (888) 772-6077.

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