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Green the Season!

How green can you be this holiday season? You can enjoy celebrating holiday traditions in an environmentally friendly way. There are many simple, creative ways you can give to loved ones and also give to the environment. Are you up for the challenge that will reap rewards for both you and our planet? Here are 5 simple steps to have a greener holiday season according to Greenpeace International:

  1. Give the gift of compact fluorescent light bulbs, saving your family and friends money, and saving the environment 85% of energy. You can also give gifts such as counter compost buckets that they can later use as fertilizer and neat retractable line dry lines.
  2. “Pull the plug on dirty presents.” If you give electronics, find companies that are greener than others.
  3. Give clean presents. Avoid gifts made from toxic materials such as some PVC plastics or endangered lists, like those made out of mahogany.
  4. Reuse paper such as left over wrapping paper from last year. Better yet, Make a statement with a specific newspaper article or stamp your way into art with purchased recycled paper.
  5. Decorate an already potted tree in your home. If you buy a tree, see your local government Web site about their tree recycling or mulching possibilities.

Include the environment in your New Year’s resolutions! Plan a greener and healthier life for the next year! For more simple solutions, visit

Happy Holidays!!!

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