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It is with great pleasure that we announce Amanda Sarra as the new Director of Library Services at Everglades University.

Amanda has been a librarian here at Everglades since December of 2007, and in her time with us has earned the respect and confidence of the entire campus community. She has played a key part in supporting faculty, staff and students through expanding learning resources, and through individual assistance and attention.  When Cathy Scheid stepped down from the Director’s position after the arrival of her new baby, Amanda immediately took on all the work and responsibilities of the position, in addition to her own job, without missing a beat.

Amanda brings her expertise, consistency, responsibility, work ethic, and attention to detail to her new role at Everglades University.  These qualities, coupled with her commitment to our students and our institution, make her the perfect candidate to step into the Director’s position.

Let’s congratulate and welcome Amanda Sarra as our new Director of Library Services!!!

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