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A library consortium is a group of libraries that gets together and agrees to offer their services to other members of the group. What does this mean for you? It means that as a student of EU, you’re able to check books out from other libraries. EU has joined three consortiums in Florida and we’re very proud and pleased to offer this extended range of services to both onsite and online students.

What other schools participate? The lists are LONG but three of the major schools are UCF, FAU, and FIU. For full lists of participating libraries, visit the following sites:

Central Florida Library Cooperative (Our Orlando campus participates)

Southeast Florida Library Information Network (Our Boca campus participates)

Tampa Bay Library Consortium (Our Sarasota Campus participates)

If you’re an onsite student, please see your local librarian for a consortium card, which is required before you’re allowed to check materials out of a participating library.

If you’re an online student, please e-mail or call the librarian at the EU campus that participates in the consortium that you want to borrow books from. With just your name, we can sign you up for a card and we will mail it to you along with the list of participating libraries.

Contact your librarian with any questions on the consortiums or to take advantage of this wonderful service!

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