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The Catalog
The library catalog searches for books, not only in the Everglades system but also the Keiser schools and Southeastern University. You are welcome to check a book out of any of these libraries. Speak to your librarian if the book is not at your campus and we’ll arrange to have the book delievered to the campus nearest you!

If you only want to search for books located at Everglades, narrow the results down by using the pull down menu on the right side of the orange box. Select Everglades University from the list. Type in your search term and hit search. Your results will display alphabetically by title. When you find the book that you want, check to see which campus it is located at.

Other things to look for: There is a column for Call Number and this tells you where on the shelf you’ll find the book. If the book is listed as Reference, this means that it cannot be checked out of the library, it is only available for use at that location. Also, check the Status of a book. If you’re interested in a book, make sure that its status is Available, not Checked Out.

Tips: If you are getting no hits, be sure to check your spelling. If you are getting too many results, either add a word to your search terms or try to be more specific with what you’re looking for. For example, a search for the term “aviation” results in 510 titles! A better search would be “naval aviation” or “aviation insurance”, which both yeild much more specific results.

When in doubt, call your librarian! We’re happy to walk you through a search from start to finish.

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