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The Sarasota Campus Library will be conducting APA & Smarthinking workshops on the following dates:

Tuesday November 28th @ 1:00 PM – Student Success Lab (Room 101)

Wednesday November 29th @ 5:00 PM – Student Success Lab (Room 101)

In addition, this month’s book display in the library is on Alzheimer’s disease and Diabetes. November is the national awareness month for both.

The library also has a bulletin board display in honor of Veteran’s Day, which is observed on November 11th.



Through Everglades University Library’s Partnership with Smarthinking, we have enhanced our Job and Career Support For Our Students.

Smarthinking Career Writing Experts provide personalized feedback to help students strengthen their job search materials

  • Resume & Cover Letter Review offers detailed feedback to help job seekers craft and polish resumes and cover letters to best impact potential
  • Career Writing provides personalized reviews of any job search materials— employment profiles, personal statements, application essays—to help students develop and polish their personal branding and stand out in a competitive marketplace.
  • Career Writing Live coaches are available in real time to help students at any phase of the application process, whenever they need one-on-one guidance to more effectively market themselves to more effectively market themselves to employers.
  • Interview Practice coaches are available in real-time video to help job seekers practice responses to the most common interview questions. Serving as mock interviewers, coaches help each job seeker prepare for that crucial interview by better articulating why he or she is the right person for the job.
  • Business Writing helps students, job seekers, and employees craft professional and polished workplace documents, including memos, letters, emails, and proposals. Our reviewers help writers understand conventions and expectations for common business-related written communications.

Check out our Smarthinking page on the Everglades University Library Blog in order to set up an account and GET STARTED at …………………………………………………

Please contact your Everglades University Campus Librarian for any assistance that you might need.





Come Check Out The Following Displays At Everglades University – Orlando Campus Library.  Below is a description of these displays:

ACADEMIC CINEMA:   For the month of November, our DVDs are taking center stage!  In addition to our extensive book collection, we also have audiovisual resources which cover a wide range of programs that are offered right here at EU-Orlando Campus.  In addition to reading about a specific subject matter, it is just as important to see and hear as well.  This is where our DVD Collection comes into play.


THANKSGIVING:  Whether it’s “Manifest Destiny” or “The Rise of American Democracy,” we have a great All American Collection which is sure to get anyone in the mood for one of the most festive and family orientated holidays of the year.  The holiday season is upon us, and there is no better place to get started than with the Everglades University – Orlando Campus’s All American Resources in honor of the Thanksgiving Holiday.


VETERANS DAY:   Before Thanksgiving, we have another highly important Patriotic Holiday, and that is Veterans Days!!!! At the EU-Orlando Campus Library, we have a wide range of resources which tell historically significant stories about our veterans and the many sacrifices that they made in order to secure our fundamental freedoms.



Below are the Dates and Times for the APA/Smarthinking Workshops at EU – Orlando Campus


Date: Wednesday, November 8th

Time: 5:00pm


Date: Tuesday, November 14th

Time: 1:00pm


Please check with the front desk receptionist or library for the room number.  All APA/Smarthinking Workshops will be taught by the Everglades University Campus Librarian.

For More Information Please Contact:

Orlando Campus Librarian: Adam Brody

Phone#: 407-277-0311 or 866-289-1078



AT EU ORLANDO CAMPUS……………………………………………….

WE DELIVERED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AT EU Orlando Campus Come Utilize Our Computer Lab!!!!!!!  All Of Our Computers are Hardwired And Are Subject To Monthly Maintenance Tests By IT PROFESSIONALS!!!!!

In Addition, We Have Extra Toner Cartridges On Hand In Order To Ensure That YOU DO NOT RUN OUT OF INK!!!!!!!!! 

Please Contact The EU Orlando Campus Librarian-Adam Brody Regarding Any Questions or Concerns at…………..

407-277-0311 or 866-289-1078 or


Everglades University Students Now Have Access To An Ehanced Set Of Technological Support Through Our Partnership With Smarthinking!!!!!!

Adobe Suite Applications: Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop

  • Import, manipulate, and save images and design files
  • Use basic tools and layers
  • Customize, correct, and edit outside file types

Microsoft Office Suite:

  • Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Word
  • Create, format, modify, and save files
  • Simplify organization and presentation
  • Utilize program tools to manipulate and display data effectively and Apply versioning and security features

Introduction to Computer Science

  • Understand digitization, storage, and transfer of data
  • Basics of algorithms and programming languages
  • Common elements of computer graphics
  • Communication via networks and the Internet

Operating Systems: Windows 7/10 & Linux

  • Understand the desktop and interface
  • Manage and organize files
  • Work with security settings and software
  • Perform searches, use help features

Popular Programming Languages: C++, C#, Python

  • Write and compile code
  • Understand logic constructs, flow charting
  • Code loops and functions
  • Apply properties, classes, & inheritance

Web Layout & Design: CSS & HTML

  • Author and modify stylesheets
  • Design layouts with frames, divs, and tables
  • Create, implement selectors and forms

Web Development with JavaScript & PHP

  • Understand and utilize the Document Object Model (DOM)
  • Code events and elements


  • Generate and run queries
  • Create & modify tables


Please Check Out Our Page Specifically Devoted To Smarthinking On Our Blog In Order To Set Up and Get Started On This Free Online Tutoring Platform Specifically For Everglades University Students.  Please go to the following page.



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