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We have one more APA/Smarthinking Workshop at Everglades University –  Orlando Campus.  It will take place on the following date.

We will be going over Smarthinking, which is an online platform exclusively for Everglades University Students, where a tutor can be connected with either in real time or per appointment

We will also go over APA.  This is the structure that we use in order to avoid Plagarism.

Day: Tuesday, March 14th

Time: 1pm

Classroom: To Be Determined/Check in the Library For Classroom Number or with Front Desk Administrative Assistant

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, all Library Displays will have a bit of a Green theme to it.

  • Alternative Medicine Resources:  This is our main display.  This display will feature information regarding herbal remedies, proper nutrition, etc.  Whether you are pursuing a Bachelors degree in Alternative Medicine or our Masters Degree in Public Health, this display could provide a valuable starting point in learning more about these resources.
  • Budget and Finance Resources:   This display is about one of our favorite types of “Green,” and that is all matters financial and budgetary.  If you are in our Bachelors Degree program in Business or pursuing our MBA Program, this could provide a starting point regarding the financial realm of the business world.
  • Life in the Greenhouse:     It doesn’t get much “greener” than this.  Whether you are pursuing our Bachelors Degree in Construction, our Bachelors Degree in Alternative and Renewable Energy, or our MBA with an emphasis in Construction, this display will provide a valuable starting point regarding the intricacies of constructing a greenhouse.



The APA/Smarthinking Workshops will be taking place on the following days during the month of February at Everglades University – Orlando Campus:

  • February 8th at 5pm
  • February 14th at 1pm

Classroom will be determined on the day of the Workshop.  Please check in the library for classroom number.

At the end of the workshop, I will field questions regarding LIRN, Library Catalog (VERSO), or any other library related question.

Come and check out these must-see displays at the Everglades University Orlando Campus Library:

  • Business Collection:  Whether it be Management, Finance, Leadership, Human Resources, etc.  This display covers the gauntlet.  Whether you are pursuing a Bachelors in Business or an MBA, this display will provide a very good overview of the extensive resources that we have.


  • Black History Month:   This month we are paying homage to some of the all time great African American Authors. Books regarding the “Harlem Renaissance” and “100 Most Popular African American Authors” are taking center stage.


  • Classic Love Stories:  This month, Love is in the air!  Come check out some classic love stories such as Wuthering Heights and Romeo and Juliet.  They don’t make them like this anymore.

Be sure to check out our vast array of databases offered through the Everglades University Library Catalog.  These databases will provide reputable, scholarly, and often times Peer Reviewed Resources as you progress through your respective programs.

Below are some examples of the databases that we provide.

LIRN:  These are a bunch of databases within a database.  These databases provide filtered information regarding every program that is offered at Everglades University.  It is the most extensive resource that we have regarding research resources.

Ebrary: This database will allow you to download and/or stream an e-book.  Although this database might not have the most up to the minute resources (no, you will not find your textbook on there), it does have reputable e-reading material that has been able to stand the test of time.

AWIN: If you are an Aviation student and you are looking for more extensive information regarding aviation resources, then this is the resource for you.  Whether it be latest trends, statistics, or commentaries, this resource should cover all ground regarding this industry.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Reference Center:  This resources provides a nice blend of business resources for our Business students and safety articles for our Crisis and Disaster Management students.

Natural Medicines Professional Database: This database provides a lot of f information regarding Alternative Medicine Resources.  Search extensively on various therapies and their effect on a range of conditions.


These are simply a few examples of the databases that we have.  Go to and search the “Database” section and you will see all of this information and MUCH more.

The following displays have been created at the Everglades University Orlando Campus

  • A Sampling of Books for Every Program Offered On Campus
  • Philosophy
  • Social Media

Come check out these displays along with all of our other resources at the Everglades University Orlando Campus

Tomorrow at 1pm and Wednesday at 5pm will be the final APA/Smarthinking Workshops that will be offered at Everglades University – Orlando Campus for 2016.

If you are in need of some extra APA/Smarthinking support for that final paper, tomorrow and Wednesday will be the final days this year to get the full workshop.

Of course, the Librarian is always available for any individual instruction and support that you might need with your final papers.