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Below are the Dates and Times for the APA/Smarthinking Workshops at EU – Orlando Campus


Date: Tuesday, February 13th

Time: 1:00pm


Date: Wednesday, February 14th

Time: 5:00pm


Please check with the front desk receptionist or library for the room number.  All APA/Smarthinking Workshops will be taught by the Everglades University Campus Librarian.


For More Information Please Contact:

Orlando Campus Librarian: Adam Brody

Phone#: 407-277-0311 or 866-289-1078










Virtual Workshops Exclusively For Our Everglades University Online Division Students!!!!!!!!!!

         Utilizing Our Blackboard Collaborate Program, Everglades University Students who are exclusive To Our Online Division Will Have The Opportunity To Attend And Experience APA/Smarthinking Workshops, which will be rendered exclusively by our Online Division Librarian. 

    Smarthinking is an online platform where users have the opportunity to connect with a tutor either in real-time or per an appointment on a wide variety of subject matters.  Please check out our page on the Everglades University Library Blog exclusively for Smarthinking at……..

  APA is the way in which we structure our paper and cite our sources.  This is the format that Everglades University subscribes to.  Please check out our pages on the Everglades University Library Blog specifically devoted to APA at………………..


More Information Will Be Forthcoming Regarding This New and Innovative Workshop Experience. 

For Immediate Questions Regarding APA, Smarthinking, or the Navigation of Any of Our Electronic Resources, Please Contact ……….

Everglades University Online Division Librarian: Tammie Olivera

Phone #: 561-912-1211

Email Address:

February is right around the corner and our new displays for the month are officially up!!! Come by and check out some great titles we have in celebration of Valentine’s Day, Black History Month PLUS a new display on Aviation Safety!!!


Aviation Safety: In February, we are focusing on Aviation Safety Techniques and Practices. Resources include safety guides, investigations into safety procedures and practical flight procedures that ensure the safety of all passengers. If you are pursuing a degree in Aviation, this would be a resourceful display to peruse.

Black History Month: In honor of Black History Month, we have set up a great display on famous African American pioneers in a multitude of different fields that have contributed to the success of positive global change. From Rosa Parks to Halle Barry, come discover some of the most influential figures in Black History.

Valentine’s Day: Lo and behold, this display celebrates some of the greatest love stories ever, written by some of the most famous authors of all time.  Find Shakespeare, Neruda, Fitzgerald, and many more in our display! Looking for a great love story for Valentine’s Day?  Stop by our library!!!!

January is almost over, but our new February Displays are officially up and running.  Please come in and check out the following displays.


Business Resources:  For the month of February, our Business Resources Collection is officially taking center stage.  Resources include but are not limited to Accounting, Human Resources, Leadership, etc.  Those who are pursuing their Bachelors Degree in Business or Masters Degree in Business Administration will find these resources to be especially helpful.

Black History Month: Come celebrate and enjoy some of the greatest literary works of all time.  Currently, we have a book on display titled “100 Most Popular African American Authors.”  This book contains information on famous African American Authors such as James Baldwin, Alex Haley, Alice Walker, etc.  In addition, we also have a book which contains extensive information regarding the Harlem Renaissance era.

Valentines Day:  What would the month of a February be without a display devoted to Valentines Day!!!!???  From famous love stories such as Romeo and Juliet to classic love poems from Pablo Neruda, this display has it all for this timeless holiday.









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The Sarasota campus of Everglades University starts the new semester with a few changes.  We welcomed our new campus librarian, Danielle O’Donnell, and she looks forward to meeting the students and faculty.

The Everglades Library has been reorganized and a new student study space created.  The computers were moved to the opposite side of the library and new tables and chairs added and the students seem to be enjoying the new layout!

Library update 2.jpgLibrary update 1.jpg

At Everglades University Orlando Campus, please check out the following displays in order to kick off the year!!!!!!

A Buffet Of Books For Every Program:

It’s the beginning of the year, and all our programs are on full display at Everglades University-Orlando Campus.  Crisis and Disaster Management, Alternative and Renewable Energy, Business, Construction, etc. are all taking center stage.  Regardless of which program you are in, this display has something for everyone.



      As we begin the new year, this display will perhaps give you something to ponder over.  Discover the fundamentals of various thought processes.  This display would be most beneficial to either those in a General Education Course where philosophical interpretations would be helpful.


Be The Speaker!!!!!:

    One thing that is almost a guarantee as we progress through 2018 is that no matter what program you are in, there will be moments where you will have to address an audience directly.  Please check out our Public Speaking Resources and gain tips and pointers on how to effectively speak and communicate to your audience.