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          Natural Standard

Over 75% of consumers worldwide take supplements, and many complementary and alternative medicine treatments are becoming widely used. Are they safe? Are they effective? How do these supplements interact with prescription medications? 

Natural Standard was founded by healthcare providers and researchers to provide high-quality, evidence-based answers to these questions. This database provides information about complementary and alternative medicine, including dietary supplements and integrative therapies. The EU Libraries subscribe to the Natural Standard Database. To get complete access as an EU student or faculty member, you must click on the Natural Standard link in the blue box after logging into our library’s website,

 Letter grades reflect the level of available scientific data for or against the use of each therapy for a specific medical condition. For example, St. John’s wort is an herb that has traditionally been associated with relieving symptoms of depression. How could we verify whether the available evidence provides support for this traditional belief?

When you search for St. John’s wort on Natural Standard, the first result is what’s called a professional monograph:

St. Johns wort

A professional monograph is a comprehensive, in-depth overview of a particular treatment or condition. Here, you will find information about: dosing/toxicology, clinical studies, precautions, interactions, herbal products, and more. In the ‘Evidence Grades’ section, we find that St. John’s wort received an A for treatment of mild-to-moderate depression, but a C for treatment of ADHD in children:

Specific evidence for common

Natural Standard determines its evidence grades by compiling and analyzing clinical studies that have been made available on, the National Institutes of Health’s storehouse of medical information. Abstracts of the clinical studies are listed as references at the bottom of Natural Standard’s professional monographs, and links to the PubMed abstracts are usually included within the monographs, so that you can read them for yourself. (NOTE: A “C” does not necessarily denote a poor grade; it could mean that simply not enough studies have been done to determine whether or not a treatment is effective. Ds and Fs would reflect a sizable amount of evidence indicating that the remedy is ineffective and/or dangerous for the listed condition).

If you have any questions about Natural Standard, or about any EU library topics, please feel free to contact your campus librarian.

Best of luck to everyone for a successful Winter D term!

April Workshops for Sarasota Campus

Join Anisa in the Student Success Lab for 30 minute workshop sessions!

Tuesday, April 15th at 1pm: SmarThinking & APA Style

Wednesday, April 16th at 5pm: SmarThinking & APA Style

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Hello EU,

Did you know that Smarthinking is a free online tutoring service that offers academic assistance in various subjects such as Writing, Reading, Mathematics, Science, Business, ESOL, Spanish, Nursing and Allied Health, and Computers and Technology?

If you’re an EU online student, you can log into your Smarthinking account by going into your Blackboard course’s Course Menu, clicking on ‘Start Here,’ and then clicking on the Smarthinking icon.

If you’re an EU on-campus student all you have to do is contact your campus librarian and they will be able to assist with the registration process. 

Also keep an eye on the blog for upcoming Smarthinking on-campus workshop dates. 

Have a great day.


spot light  Database Spotlight: AWIN



Have you been assigned to research a topic about the aviation industry? You might be able to find some helpful information from company websites,, and other publicly accessible online sources. But if you want to take your research to new levels, consider searching about your topic on this week’s spotlight database, the Everglades University library’s Aviation Week Intelligence Network (AWIN)!

You might be familiar with the Aviation Week name if you’ve been to, or if you’ve read an issue of Aviation Week and Space Technology. The same company created AWIN, a multi-faceted database that provides electronic access to various industry-related information, including many thousands of articles from publications such as AW&ST, Aviation Daily, Defense Technology International, and more.

In addition to searching for articles, through AWIN’s unique World Aerospace Database you can find comprehensive information about program suppliers, organizations, personnel, and products and services. AWIN also provides the ability to collect Fleet Data regarding business, commercial and military fleets. Additionally, if you’re a student in EU’s Aviation Management degree program, you will find the Forecasts section helpful if you are trying to project future trends in segments of the industry related to your interests.

Icons for printing, exporting and saving information from AWIN appear at the top of the page when viewing a result:

awin1              awin2

When you click ‘Add to MyAWIN,’ you will be prompted to create a personal AWIN account (NOTE: This account is not affiliated with EU). With this personal account, you will be able to save articles to the database so that you can view them again later. Alternatively, if you prefer to save the article to your computer, click ‘Print this Article,’ then right-click, ‘Select All,’ and copy and paste the text into a new Word document.

AWIN is accessible in the left-hand column of the blue box on the main library page, which is found at  The AWIN link is listed under the ‘Everglades University Databases’ heading:


If you have any questions about AWIN, related research, or anything at all, please feel free to contact your campus librarian.

Best of luck to everyone for a successful and productive Winter C class term!

Join Theresa for the following Library Workshops within the month of March:

APA Style

Tuesday, March 11, 2014 at 1:00 p.m. in the Computer Lab

Learn the basics of APA style in order to write your paper within the correct format that is free of plagiarism.

Presentation Skills

Thursday, March 13, 2014 @ 5:00 p.m. in the Computer Lab

Includes information on PowerPoint, creating outlines, and tips on giving a dynamic presentation.

  • Counts towards Leadership Distinction Program

Research Skills

Wednesday, March 19, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. in the Computer Lab

Learn the basics of how to properly do research so that you can write with authority.

  • Counts towards Leadership Distinction Program

  Each workshop includes a PowerPoint Presentation, a Learning Activity, and a Certificate of Completion. 

Sign up in the Library


March Workshops for the Sarasota Campus:

March 4th, Tuesday:

SmarThinking Workshop at 11am

 APA Workshop at noon


March 5th, Wednesday:

APA Workshop at 4pm

SmarThinking Workshop at 5pm

Hope to see you all there :)

Library Tech Tip:

Creating EBSCOHost Research Folders

 The EU online library ( features research databases that provide access to articles, e-books, and other authoritative, reliable electronic information. These databases provide the option to download full-text documents, often in Adobe PDF format.

 However, did you know that several of our databases also provide the option for you to create personalized research folders? These research folders provide more extensive functionality for arranging and referring to documents that you have accessed in the past. They also allow you to complete other useful tasks – for example, saving previous searches, and creating email alerts for when new articles appear on topics of interest. Below is an example that you might find to be helpful:


EBSCOHost Research Databases

 EBSCOHost is a vendor that provides EU with research databases covering energy, medical, business, and crisis and disaster management topics. After entering an EBSCOHost database and finding an article, click on the small blue folder icon to the right of the article’s title. Then, at the top of the page, click on the ‘Folder’ icon.

There you will find the saved article. To save the article for future reference, click the link to ‘Sign into My EBSCOHost.’ This will allow you to create a username and password that is specific to the EBSCOHost platform. (NOTE: This username and password is not affiliated with EU). The next time you log into an EBSCOHost database from within the EU library site, you can subsequently log in with your ‘My EBSCOHost’ username and password, and then you will have access to all of your previously saved items!

 You can also save searches to the folder. When looking at the result list, click on the ‘Share’ tab to see the option to save the search to your ‘My EBSCOHost’ folder:


With the ‘My EBSCOHost’ research folder, you will be able to:

  •  Save preferences
  •  Organize your research with folders
  •  Share your folders with others
  • View others’ folders
  • Save and retrieve your search history
  • Create email alerts and/or RSS feeds
  • Gain access to your saved research remotely

 Similar research folders are available in the LIRN databases, ProQuest and InfoTrac.

 Please feel free to let us know if we can assist with any questions you may have about this or other research topics!


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